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Grimsley Leather Saddles
Used in the Mexican War

1840 - 1859 Dragoon Equipment

1847 Dragoon Grimsley Saddle

Thornton Grimsley of St. Louis, Missouri was awarded the contract for a saddle of a new pattern for the mounted forces. The Grimsley saddle was adopted in 1847 for Dragoons, mounted riflemen and officers of all branches of service. The Grimsley was a vast improvement over the Ringgold saddle which gave poor service in the war with Mexico. Although following the Ringgold in appearance, the Grimsley tree was covered in rawhide and the seat was stuffed with deer hair under the quilted seat. This was a big improvement over the suspended sling seat of the Ringgold and the European Hussar saddles. Grimsley saddles were used from 1847 until the 1859 McClellan was adopted. The Grimsley was used by officers of the Union and Confederate State forces throughout the Civil War. Many of the Grimsleys fell into Confederate hands by capture of southern arsenals.

Authentic 1847, enlisted man's, double-skirted, deerhair padding in seat, brass over pommel and cantle. Newly made, authentic wooden, rawhide covered tree made to fit a modern-day horse. Hand-forged stirrup hangers, staples, and iron rings installed.

Our tree is a true 14 inches as per the original. All Grimsley saddles come complete with correct girth, coatstraps, valise straps, and authentic brass beveled-edge horseshoe buckles. This saddle was used by many officers during the Civil War on both sides (shown by pictorial evidence).

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Artillery Saddle Equipment

1862 Grimsley Artillery Driver's Saddle

In 1862 a smaller version of the Grimsley was adapted for US artillery service. The artillery driver's Grimsley differed from the Dragoon services saddle by only having a single skirt and absence of the coat strap mortises and straps. The artillery Grimsley saddles were kept in service up until the Spanish American War in 1898 giving service to the artillery for 67 years.

The single-skirted Grimsley artillery model. New 12", rawhide covered seat, hand sewn, and finished, brass moulding, brass stirrups, padded seat, and girth. Top grade heavy harness leather is used for skirts, straps, etc.

Made for hard use, not just for display. Please check the  Product Catalog  for saddle prices, and the Artillery Horse Equipment we have to offer.

1862 Grimsley Artillery Valise Saddle

The Grimsley artillery valise saddle was part of the artillery hitch. The harness hooked to the valise saddle and also to the driver's saddle. The valise saddle was not made to be ridden but held the valise which contained the personal belongings of the driver. The picture show is valise saddle with artillery valise installed. The artillery valise is sewn separately.

NON-RIDER type, brass moulding, no stirrups, with belly band, collar strap, valise straps, and girth. Saddle shown with optional 1847 Model Valise sold separately.